lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

FIOS - Electronic Music - Visual Arts and Performance

Flames in our Storm
Honest Art since 2014

Our latest interview at Exposed Vocals.
Full Interview, link--> Groundbreaking Electronica Trio

Track num. 5: Satellites Chillstep, Ballad
(Mp3 HD)
  (Official Music Video 4K)

"Satellites is a named after a metaphor for attraction & love. Just like planets attract satellites by its gravity force. That´s what I felt while writing the lyrics and composing my vocals to this spacey electronica ballad track."

Lyrics, vocals by Nahualli Ana del Cielo​
Music by Ramiro Mayorga
Mix by Jan Conrad for the band Flames in our Storm

Music video has some clips from a shortfilm I acted in some years ago. Abortar la misión
Directed by Oscar Mendoza del Valle. Edited by me & Jan Conrad.

"To keep creating you have to be about change."

 -Miles Davis

Track num. 3: Candy Skulls  (Electro Pop, Synth)

Track num. 2: Flames in our Storm (Future bass)

Track num. 4: Dive (Ambience, Chill, electronica)



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